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Pioneers to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula mainly settled for the region’s untapped wealth of natural resources developed in mining, logging and farming. This era ushered in a strong work ethic and survivalist determination that still exists today. As production methods improved, the region’s economy transformed with value-added processing and manufacturing, and in recent decades, developed around a strong knowledge-based economy. The region offers three public universities with Michigan Technological University, Northern Michigan University and Lake Superior State University, one private university in Finlandia University, and a select number of community colleges that together offer a robust capability for engineering, science and technology, business, medicine and many other disciplines that support community and business needs around the world. Through an extensive service provider network, Upper Michigan offers robust collaboration opportunities for research, product development and manufacturing, sales and marketing, talent, financing and other needs to support a strong and growing business for companies of all sizes in nearly every industrial sector. We welcome you to explore the opportunities.